About Siteforce Labour Solutions

Siteforce Labour Solutions (SLS) is proudly Australian owned and operated, specialising in both short and long term labour management.  We offer a highly flexible service with a strong dedication to our client’s specific needs.  We aim to be a leader in the Labour Hire Industry and to build and maintain strong relationships long into the future.

We are based in Cairns, Australia and we are a labour hire and recruitment company formed to complement the experience and network of Siteforce Australia, who have provided professional mine services, processing plant relocation and projects nationally and internationally for the well over 20 years.

What We Offer

Labour Hire
We supply our skilled employees to you on an hourly rate for as little or as long as you require.

We advertise, interview and screen candidates for a role you are wanting to fill.  The successful candidate to fill that position will be employed by you.

Why Use Us:

  • Expertise
  • Efficiency
  • Value

To find out more about us download our Capability Statement below.

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