Siteforce Australia prides itself as being a unique identity in the resources sector. We adopt "Old School" reliability blended with "New School" technology and systems to achieve proven, consistent and professional results.

During Siteforce Australia's history of conducting projects in mineral processing plants, our specialist project team travel widely throughout remote and populated areas around Australia. As a result we have developed close cooperation with suppliers and formed strategic business partnerships at all levels of project operations, thus guaranteeing quality of service and supply.



Whether it's new construction or the combination of new and used plants or machinery, Siteforce Australia has the experience and proficient team members to cater for any project.


Deconstruction is a specialised task - we have the procedures, processes and experienced team members to ensure projects flow smoothly and maintain the integrity of future activities.

Workplace Health and Safety

Siteforce Australia’s ultimate target is an incident and injury-free workplace. Siteforce Australia recognises the importance of Workplace Health and Safety and has many procedures and processes utilised in our day to day operations.

All Siteforce Australia’s team leaders undertake external independent, recognised and accredited programs to ensure potential safety issues and hazards are identified, assessed, controlled, monitored and formally implemented in Siteforce Australia’s safety management systems.

Safety audits are undertaken throughout a project’s duration. Any findings from audits are used to improve safety and productivity, then implemented and monitored.

For more detailed information on our capabilities, you can view the full Siteforce Australia Capability Statement or please feel free to contact us.